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segunda-feira, 8 de abril de 2013

Avaliação de Inglês

Avaliação de Inglês

01.  Match the parts of the proverbs.

1.      Actions speak louder           (    ) like son.  ( Tal pai, tal filho. )

2.      God helps those                   (    ) than words.   ( Ações falam melhor do que palavras. )

3.      Never do things                   (    ) who help themselves.  (Deus ajuda a que cedo madruga. )

4.      Like father,                           (    ) by halves.  ( Nunca faça as coisas pela metade. )

02.  Read  the text and answer the question in English.
                                     WHERE IS CHOCOLATE FROM ?

       Chocolate is used in cakes, cookies, ice cream, biscuits and drinks. It is from the fruit of especial tropical plant -  THE CACAO TREE.
       México is considered the birthplace of chocolate.
       A favorite drink of the  ancient Maya civilization , chocolate in all countries of the world.

a.      What is civilization enjoyed drinking chocolate?

b.      What is country is considered the birthplace of chocolate?

c.       Where is used the chocolate?


Leia com atenção e boa sorte!!!!!

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