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sábado, 6 de abril de 2013

Present Simple and Continuous

  1. They (go) to Lake Erie every summer.
  2. We our friends very often. (not, visit)
  3. He can't go now. (He work).
  4. books in your free time? (you, read)
  5. Where (you, go)? It's only six o'clock!
  6. I (not /read) a book now.
  7. He usually (get up) early in the morning.
  8. (you, always, do) your homework at night?
  9. You (see, not) her every day.
  10. Excuse me, but you (stand) on my foot.
  11. You (look) sad. What's the matter?
  12. She (not, sit) in the garden at the moment.
  13. The lesson always (start) at 9 o'clock.
  14. What (he, do)? He's a dentist.
  15. Ms Johns (not, watch) the news every day.
  16. (I, cook) dinner tonight. Would you like to come?
  17. What (they, do) right now?
  18. Martin usually drive to work.
  19. (they, play) computer games every day?
  20. She (not, get up) early during the holidays
  21. (leave, you) the party now?
  22. What is she doing? (She, have) a bath.
  23. Why (she, cry) now?
  24. We (not, work) this week.
  25. Samantha (do) her homework at the moment.
  26. What time (you, get up) in the mornings?
  27. Look! (They, leave) the house.
  28. They (not, fly) to London tomorrow.
  29. (I, meet) my friends in the youth club tonight.
  30. (she, visit, often) her grandma? 

 1. go
 2. don't visit
 3. He's working
 4. Do you read
 5. Are you goong
 6. I'm not reading
 7. gets up
 8. Do you always do
 9. don't see
10. are standing
11. look
12. isn't sitting
13. starts
14. does he do
15. doesn't watch
16. I'm cooking
17. Are they doing
18. drives
19. Do they play
20. doesn't get up
21. Are you leaving
22. She's having
23. is she crying
24. aren't working
25. is doing
26. do you get up
27. They're leaving
28. aren't flying
29. I'm meeting
30. Does she often visit

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