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quarta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2013

Simple Present Tense

School  Dr. Jaime Monteiro
Student:________________________________Series:______              Date:____/_____/______
Teacher: Márcia Oliveira

English Exercises – Simple Present Tense

1.     Read the dialogue and answer the questions.

Mr. Robins: What’s your name, please?
      Gloria: Elliot, Gloria Elliot.
Mr. Robins: What do you do in the morning?
      Gloria: I go to school.
Mr. Robins: Do you have the afternoons free?
      Gloria: Yes, I do.
Mr. Robins: We have two afternoon positions: salad assistant ad dish washer,
      Gloria: I love salad !
Mr. Robins: What do you know about salad?
      Gloria: A good salad is fresh and colorful.

a.       What are the characters in the dialogue?

b.      What Gloria does in the morning?

c.       The subject of the text is:
(    ) a news
(    ) a job interview
(    ) a joke

d.      Gloria is a good candidate for a job?
(    ) Yes, she’s a good candidate.    
(    ) No, she isn’t a good candidate .

2.     Underline the verbs in the 3ª person singular.

I work in a bank and my friend John works there too. I walk to work, but John goes by bus. We sometimes meet at the cafeteria and have a coffee together. After work, I go to night school and I study until late. John has more fun. He plays football with his friends or goes to the disco. But I want a better job, so while he plays, I learn.

·       There too:_____________________
·       But:__________________________
·       Sometimes:_____________________
·       While: _________________________
·       Until late: ______________________
·       More fun: ______________________
·       After: _________________________
·       Together: ______________________
·       Bus: __________________________
·       To Work: ______________________
·       To walk: _______________________
·       To go: _________________________
·       To meet: _______________________
·       To want: _______________________
·       To play:________________________

3.   Suplly the simple present of the verbs in the parentheses.

a.     Dogs ____________ (bark).
b.     I usually ___________ to school. (walk).
c.     He___________ near his house. (work).
d.     She never____________  sandwiches. (eat)
e.     We _________ apples at the supermarket. (buy)

4.     Supply the following verb forms.
Eats  -  have  -  make  -  drink  -  like  -  speaks  -  play  -  leaves  -  visits  -  plays

a.     We __________ breakfast at 7 o’clock.
b.     They_____________ to study English.
c.     That girl_____________ French well.
d.     The plane____________at 10 o’clock.
e.     The children__________in the park every day.
f.     John __________the piano perfectly.
g.     You always______________delicious cakes.
h.     She __________her parents every Sunday.
i.      They usually__________much wine.
j.      Little Peter_____________fruit every morning.

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