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sexta-feira, 22 de março de 2013

Text Easter is Renovation

School  Estadual Nossa Senhora da Penha
Student _______________________________________________ Series:____
Teacher: Márcia Oliveira            Date: _____/_______/________

Exercise of English

Text:   Easter is Renovation

      Jesus Christ was born(                       ) in Bethlehem, a little town (              )in Palestine and died(              ) in Jerusalem. He died on a cross for the sake of mankind.(                                                   )
      Every years, forty days after (                    )the carnival,  Christians commemorate Easter to celebrate the suffering (                                 )of Christ and his victory over death. (                         )
      Easter is time for reflection, renovation and faith. (          )
      Jesus Christ leave us (                        ) great teachings:   Love God above (                        ) all things, Love your fellow man (                           )as you do yourself and forgive (                         )your enemies.
      Christ came to the Earth to preach peace (                                       )and love among men. Millions and millions de people have followed (                                       )his teachings all over the world.
Text Comprehension

1. Where was Jesus Christ born?

2. Where  Jesus Christ died?

3. How Jesus died?

3. What is Easter?

4. How many days after the carnival  celebrate Easter?

5. Write some of Jesus Christ teachings.

6. What did Jesus Christ preach?

7. What do we celebrate on Easter?

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