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quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2013

English Exercises

English Exercises

A mother in doubt
Dear Mr. Clover,
     My daughter Laura tries to study English every day. But she never learns it well. Do you think that she has a bad memory for languages?
                                     Aretha Thompson

Dear Mrs. Thompson,
     I don’t think Laura has a bad memory for languages. She is bright student. Maybe your daughter lacks interest or she doesn’t like the subject for one reason or another. Perhaps she studying at a wrong time of the day. You say that she “tries to study”. Why doesn’t she really study? I mean, study, but unconsciously they don’t pay attention to what they are doing. Ask Laura to talk to her teacher before it is late.
                           Ken Clover ( coordinator)

Mark the correct answer.

01. The text is about:

(a) Adolescence conflicts.
(b) Learning difficulties.
(c) Discipline
(d) School problems.

02. Mrs. Thompson writes to Mr. Clover in the condition of a:

(a) Daughter
(b) Mother
(c) Student
(d) Teacher

03. Laura:

(a) Doesn’t learn English well.
(b) Don’t have a good memory.
(c) Doesn’t pay attention in school.
(d) Don’t study English with attention.

04. Mr. Ken Clover thinks that Laura is a:

(a) Bad student
(b) Good student
(c) Bad daughter
(d) Good daughter.

05. According to the text:

(a) Mrs. Thompson is being impatient with Mr. Clover
(b) Mr. Clover planning another classroom for Laura.
(c) Mrs. Thompson is trying to help Laura.
(d) Mr. Clover is worrying too much.

06. Relacione corretamente as perguntas às respostas.

(1) What will he do?
(2) Where will she work?
(3) When will she travel?
(4) When will your father arrive?
(5) What will we study?

(   ) She will travel in May
(   ) We will study Portuguese.
(   ) He will do a travel.
(   ) My father will arrive tomorrow.
(   ) She will work in the school.

O7. Complete com A ou An

a. John is ____ good man.
b. This is ______ excellent idea.
c. I am _____ Brazilian Citizen.
d. _____ engineer is helping me.
e. Brenda is _____ honest woman.

08.  Complete com AM – IS - ARE
a. My house ______ on Lincoln Street.
b. John and Paul _______ my friends.
c. Elizabeth ______ my sister.
d. We _______ good friends.
e.  I _____ a student.

G O O D      L U C K!!!!

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