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quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2013

Exercício de Inglês

01. Complete as frases com o verb TO BE, no present tense. ( AM – IS – ARE)

a. My house ______ on Lincoln Street.
b. John and Paul _______ my friends.
c. Elizabeth ______ my sister.
d. We _______ good friends.
e.  I _____ a student.

02. Complete as frases com o verb TO BE, no past tense. ( WAS –WERE )

a. Summer ______ very hot last year.
b. The boys _______ worried before the examination.
c. Jill _______ a good student.
d. You _______ late for the English lesson.
e. They _______ very happy.

03. Leia o texto e responda:

Carl and her Family are in Rio de Janeiro. They are at a big hotel. Her sister Beatriz is very happy. Her father, Mr. Paul Green, is tired. Her mother, Mrs. Jane Green, is hungry. It is a sunny day.

a. Where are Carl and her family? __________________________________________

b. Who is tired?________________________________________________________

c. What is her mother’s name?______________________________________________

d. How is Beatriz?_______________________________________________________

04. Complete com A ou An

a. John is ____ good man.
b. This is ______ excellent idea.
c. I am _____ Brazilian Citizen.
d. _____ engineer is helping me.
e. Brenda is _____ honest woman.

05. Escreva as frases na forma negative.

a. You are sick. _________________________________________________________

b. Julie is a good student. _________________________________________________

c. We were tired last night. _______________________________________________

d. Karen was beautiful yesterday. ___________________________________________

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