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quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

Degrees of Adjectives - Exercises

School Doctor Jaime Monteiro
Grade: 7ª C           Date:____/____/________
Teacher: Márcia Oliveira


01.  Papyrus was used ____________ than paper.
a) early
b) earlier
c) more early
d) earlyer
e) earliest 
02. São Paulo is _________________ city in Brazil.
a) more large
b) the largest
c) larger
d) the most large
e) the most largest

03.  The “Herald” is __________ newspaper in the town.
a) the importantest
b) the more important
c) the less important
d) the most important
e) the importanter

04.  That table is __________ than this one.
a) long
b) more long
c) longest
d) longer
e) most long

05. This book is ______________ the last one we used.
a) worst than
b) more good than
c) worse than
d) gooder than
e) best than

06.   Have you heard about the _________ news?
a) latest
b) lasted
c) more last
d) most often
e) laterest 

07.  She’s surely the ____________ girl in town.
a) prettiest
b) most pretty
c) prettier
d) prettiest
e) prettier

08.  Riding a horse is not ___________ riding a bicycle.
a) so easy as
b) easyer than
c) more easy than
d) the least easy
e) so easy so

09. Today the weather is ______________ than yesterday.
a) more had
b) worse
c) baddest
d) bedest
e) the worst

10. Coloque o adjetivo destacado da primeira oração na forma correta (comparative ou superlative) da segunda oração.

1) This is a nice cat. It's much ___________________________  than my friend's cat.
2) This is a difficult exercise. But the exercise with an asterisk (*) is the ______________ exercise on the worksheet.
3) He has an interesting hobby, but my sister has the ______________________________  hobby in the world.
4) In the last holidays I read a good book, but father gave me an even ____________________ one last weekend.
5) Skateboarding is a dangerous hobby. Bungee jumping is _______________________  than skateboarding.
8) This magazine is cheap, but that one _______________________ is.

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